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17 Nov 2008
UPDATE: We have dispensed with the Media Site and are now calling for submissions via email. You may email media files directly to

Our objective is now to gather all available video (and stills) of the event that we can use to synch to a master audio recording [ sample ] made in High-Quality from the orchestra pit. We will offer the resultant DEVOBAMA DVD video to those who have submitted video or stills that can be used for the project. Please send an email to let us know what you can contribute to the DEVOBAMA DVD project! We are happy to assist you in getting your video uploaded to Please note we cannot use low-quality video (YouTube, Google Video, FLV, etc) as they are not suitable for DVD resolution. Video originally shot with a camcorder or still camera in video mode is preferred. We need video of DEVO (not opening acts) shot from any and all angles inside the gorgeous Akron Civic Theater. From our own video and that of contributors we have most of the show, but we need much more to make this DEVOBAMA DVD project representative of the greatness of the event itself. Please use the links (above or below) to contact us about your digital contribution.

Thank you.

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